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Aruba country - Dolomite bolders

The rocks at Ayo and other granite boulder fields of today are really fascinating. Aruba sits on the edge of the South American plate where the Caribbean plate dives under it, and has caused volcanic dikes to pierce the overlying South American plate, rise to the surface.

Later when the surrounding material was eroded away, weather in the form of wind and rain left the boulder fields of granite that we see today.

The surrounding terraces of limestone that surround the island are due to different sea levels in the past; you see these on other islands in the Caribbean as well, like in the Bahamas. With different glacial periods, sea levels have been much higher and much lower than the present day.

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Aruba windsurf - windsurfing is very popular on Aruba The favorite sport on the island depends on whom you ask. The locals love soccer and baseball. The tourists love sun tanning, shopping and windsurfing. Why?

Because of the constant Trade Winds and the relatively flat water. The Windsurf Village on Aruba is a great place to camp out with the camera. Many top professionals of the world stay and practice right in front of the Village.

Most all the hotels have windsurfing included in their water sports packages. Just ask. Or rent a board and get some instruction from The Windsurf Village.

We love
snorkeling. There are more than a few great spots. Ask your hotel concierge about Baby Beach, Malmok and Boca Grandi. The scuba shops around town and at the hotels will also have directions to the best locations.
Aruba sunset - Boats in harbor of Aruba So, we hope you've enjoyed A Visit to Aruba. Make sure you visit our Aruba Travel Resource page.

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Now you can see why Aruba is one of the best places on earth and people find that they just keep going back. Both the island and its people are beautiful.

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Aruba sunset - Cruise ship leaving Aruba
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Aruba Hotels

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