Aruba Rental cars parked on an Aruba Beach Rental cars, jeeps, vans...are a bargain on Aruba in comparison to similar vehicles in South America or Europe. You can find simple rentals from $21.50 USD a day to more than $100. It really pays to shop around. You'll get plenty of car/jeep/van/moped literature as you approach the Aruba Customs area. If you arrive late in the day, you might not find any Arubian greeters around, but usually there is a stack of literature on a table in the corridor that links to Customs. Most of the rental agencies are located in small offices right across the street from the main airport terminal. Many never reserve before they arrive, and always get a great deal on a car. Remember, you're not going to spend all day in the car, but get one if you want to do any exploration.

Aruba North Shore near the Natural BridgeThe north shore of Aruba is desolate, but awesome and full of contrast. Should you rent a car, take time to drive along the windward coast. You can access these back roads by going out past the California Lighthouse or by driving past Seroe Colorado. The roads beginning at Seroe (past the Costal refinery) go further and offer more opportunity for adventure, but any of the dirt roads will be fun and challenging. Drive safely and respect the wonderful nature Aruba has to offer.

Here's a great tip, and one you'll thank us for if you do it. Drive out past the refinery and out along the north shore after dark. Get away from the bright lights. Pull off the road and wait around 10 to 15 minutes for your eyes to get adjusted to the darkness. Then look up in total amazement at the millions of stars you'll experience. Because you are far away from any city lights, you'll be able to see a sky so spectacular, you'll almost be overcome with emotion. But take a sweater or windbreaker - it gets chilly!
Beaches in Aruba - Home on the Aruba beach in MalmokThere's nothing man-made about the beach here. And this powder will feel so nice between your toes! This is the beach at Malmok. It's on the way to the California Lighthouse and the Tierra del Sol Golf Course and it's well worth a stop. The easiest way to find it is to drive toward the lighthouse. When you get to the part of the road where there are homes on both sides of the street, right on the ocean, you're in the right place. This is also where the 400 foot German wreck Antilla can be seen sticking out of the water. In addition, some of the best snorkeling on the island is right off the beach. Turn over a few rocks, and no doubt you'll find a small starfish. Watch out for the prickly sea anemone. And, bring along what you need - no stores close by.

Tip - Lock your valuables in your car. It's a small island, but make it a habit to keep your belongings safe. Be on the lookout here for brilliant green parakeets. You'll hear them shrill as they fly around, mainly in pairs. Look for them in the tops of the palms and other vegetation.

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